The TACT Company unites and represents small and medium-size producers specialized in machinery production on the Považie region, which is historically the most powerful industrial territory in Slovakia. The TACT Company, cooperating closely with mentioned range of companies, knows the strong points of each of them and based on them provides their proper capacity workload. By this virtue, the customer gains a high-quality production for an acceptable goods value, flexible production capacity, communication in English or German, uniform packaging and marking in accordance with request.

The TACT Company offers to you:

  • Turning – up to a length of 4 000mm
  • Milling – 3 axes up to 4 000mm, 4 axes up to 1 000mm, 5 axes up to 500mm
  • Surface- and rotational grinding
  • Boring and drilling
  • Manufacturing of gearings
  • Electro-erosion (wire) cutting
  • Welding – CO2 and TIG up to 3 500kg
  • Heat treatment
  • Surface treatments (chemical, electrochemical and galvanic)
  • Polyurethane- and rubber-coated surfaces
  • Wet and powder coat colouring
  • Material partitioning and sheet profiling (laser, plasma and chiselling machine)
  • 3D-measuring
  • Assembly

Furthermore, we offer the establishment and maintaining of consignment stocks for spare parts and express transportation with own vehicles for your urgent offers. We are able to process your requests from drawing documentation in.jpg .tif .pdf .dwg formats, or eventually to provide pricing and production pursuant to a specimen part (new one or used).

ISO 9001

Production management in accordance with ISO 9001

Material origin

Material origin certificates

Heat treatment

Heat treatment certificates

Measurement protocols

Measurement protocols by calibrated gauges


Transportation by international forwarding companies

TACT offers solutions for process industry

Flexible maintenance services:
  • manufacturing of new parts
  • modification of spare parts
  • reverse engineering
  • overhauling and general repairs
  • idividual jobs & support of your teams
  • special services

Engineering of special tools:
  • measurement tools
  • assembly tools
  • testing tools

Assembly groups, up to 1.000kg:
  • manufacturing of the parts
  • heat and surface treatments
  • assembly, testing and packaging

Assembly groups


Gearbox repair

Industrial knives and cutters

Industrial services

Plastic pipeline services

Let us make your business simple.


TACT, s. r. o.
Dvory 1950
020 01 Púchov
Slovak repubic

IČO: 4669 8191 (Slovak republic)
VAT: SK 202 353 1565 (International)

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.